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What is #Hastag?

The ocean of content that is present online can be easily categorized using hashtags. Hashtags will enable your content to show up in searches and help you to expand your brand awareness and establish brand identity. Hashtags constitute an integral part of any social media post that decides post reach and effectiveness.

What does "Trending" on Twitter mean?

It simply means that there’s a really high volume of traffic around a hashtag … typically because of some recent development reported by the new and commented on by thousands or sometimes millions of accounts on Twitter.

How does the Twitter Trends algorithm work?

The basic idea is that if a hashtag is trending, it must have a huge increase of tweet volume compare its past volumes. For example, we can use the ratio of tweet volume of past 3 hours over volume of past 2 days of a hashtag to evaluate how trending it is. This makes a lot of sense because if a topic is trending, we should expect it to have a huge number of people talking about it in a short period of time.